How to increase the view count on YouTube

If you want to see how this works look at this video. This video is just something I found on YouTube with very little views to test this with and it shouldn't have many views because noone knows about it, but actually it has loads thanks to this technique.

I used Tube Increaser to automatically up the view count.

The way this works is that you give Tube Increaser a YouTube video or channel to "up" and then off it goes.

You do need a list of HTTP proxies to make this work because YouTube knows the IP address of every view so you can't increase views by refreshing your video webpage repeatedly. This link gives you loads of HTTP proxies you can use. HTTP Proxy List

For every page of proxies, copy the left hand column (IP addresses) and put it in a text file. This can then be loaded in to Tube Increaser and then off you go.



Tevin Vidal said...

Most people never notice who the user that uploaded the videos is, they just click on the next and next video. If you don’t add your specific logo or animation at the beginning of your videos than it will be really hard for you to stand out from the bad videos out there.

Tevin Vidal
Youtube View Increaser

cairojune said...

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Jodie Stull said...

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Jodie Stull
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