Capital Radio Advertising Lies

First off, I don't listen to Capital FM, in fact if you ever read this blog (and I don't suppose many do) and you happen to read something about a radio station, it's most likely one I heard in a colleagues car whilst working. Hence, Capital FM, Radio Mercury (the heart of the south apparently), Magic et al are not frequent listens of mine. In most cases I don't like them. So please don't judge me all right. Or if you do judge me at least judge me on the stuff I want you to judge me on and not random asides on radio stations.

Anyway, I was listening to Capital FM this afternoon and there was an advert, when it finished there was an advert for Captial saying, "we don't put more than two adverts back to back, so you don't have to change over". This was followed by another advert before the "music" resumed. (See my Captial FM dislike of "music" coming through? Good.) This struck me as a lie because there were obviously 3 adverts there, not 2. Some may say, but it was a jingle. True, but that's just another word for advert. So there you have it. Proof that Capital FM lies to it's listeners, the trouble is the're all so dumb they don't notice.