Good Customer Service: Prologue Bikes

Here's a tale about why being friendly, not necessarily looking for a quick buck and being a generous and knowledgeable business owner gets you a steady supply of revenue and good feeling from your customers and potential customers.

Prologue Bikes in East Sheen is a good example. I was concerned about over (or under) tightening some nuts on my bike. If you over do it you can damage the frame or the component and that'll cost you. I read that you needed a torque wrench and set out to buy one. There are three cycle shops on my road and the other two either couldn't help me or tried to sell me expensive items without checking my need. Prologue told me they didn't have any, they could order them in for me, but why don't I try the local hardware store down the road. Well done, that could have been a sale there if I'd decided to buy from them, but I actually went to the hardware store and found cheaper products well suited to my needs. I also left Prologue knowing they didn't press for the sale and cared more about my needs than anything else. Good customer service.

The next week, I needed some tuning done on my bike and asked if they could replace my gear and brake cables and tune them. When I went in to drop off the bike, they went over the bike and said, the cables were fine, no need to change them, they would just tune them. Again, knowledgeable staff decided not to take another 70% of the sale out of me and just went for the right thing to do. I really appreciate this.

Each visit has built up trust in the company and they had no idea about what I might want the next week and how much money it would make them in the long run. I've been looking at buying a new road bike and need a lot of assistance before I part with £00s or £000s, I think that Prologue will be the place I go to do this. It could ultimately earn them more money than they turned down initially and that's good customer service paying off.