I Had a Dream

How annoying? Very. I've just remembered that I had a dream last night and in the dream I came up with an incredibly good idea for a film or short story. It'd be more likely to be a film, because I actually visualised it whilst asleep. Still it's really annoying because when I woke up all I could think of was some really rubbish dream in which I drove to Cardiff, stopped off at a friend of a friend's house, asked if I could pick up his jeans he'd left behind (which I knew weren't there) and when I found out they weren't there drove home. On the way back I stopped off for a beer with my Dad who had appeared in my car and we drank beer in a pub that served ice with every drink and the ice was served in salad bowls with wooden salad tongs.

So, where is that getting me? I can't read anything except strangeness in to it, it's not going to get filmed not going to make me famous and more importantly it's not gong to get me recognised as one of England's foremost lateral and intellectual thinkers. No, it'll just get me locked away. And the film or short story? The reason I'm so hacked off? I have no idea about it. I can remember I had a dream about a fabulous story, but not the story itself. It's like my subconscious is taunting me. It's saying, look how much power I possess, such untapped riches, but you can not access them. Ha!

Anyway, if I remember the story I'll post it here or may be on the creative incubator that is spitbros (link below I think), if not thank you for making it so far through this non-event.