Working Out Is Bad For You

I've embarked on a post-30 workout regime at a new gym near my offices. The aim is to have a pre-30 body, well actually pre-26 body because that's when I stopped working out and started putting on the kilos in a serious way.

It turns out that although I've benefited from the new exercise regime (2cm loss on waist, 2cm gain on biceps and quads), I've never had so many injuries or ailments. In my first week I hurt my knee, in my second week I over worked my front calf-muscle and the list goes on. In the last ten days I have strained my heel area of my left foot, my left elbow hurts and my left thumb has swollen like a balloon.

My advice is that getting fit is worth it, but the phrase should be, "no pain, you're doing alright again"


China's Scientists Have Always Been Great

This BBC Radio 4 programme, which I managed to catch today was pretty interesting. China was the world power in scientific innovation until the 1700s or so. Apparently, there was a back lash against western science, which prevented an uptake of western science to allow China to further improve once European scientists began to make their own breakthrough, which lead to western science becoming the most advanced. During the backlash, there was propaganda disseminated about why not to trust western science; babies' eyes were supposedly required to construct mirrors and for every railway sleeper laid a dead baby must be laid too. These meant people mistrusted western science and so advancement wasn't made through it's adoption.

You can listen to the show here for the next 7 days. This link is not yet available as of 09:15 GMT because the show has only just finished, but this link and the link on the BBC website will be valid today.


Things You Should Never Witness #1

A man using a hairdrier to dry his genitals. Yes, that's what I saw this morning and I'm still in shock.

More Things I Won't Follow-up On

Here's another lame promise.

I just got back from a trip to Spain for my Grandma's 80th birthday, she's been living there for 20 years, so this was a double anniversary. Lots of stuff happened that I'll tell you about, never.

Also, I went to the Green Man Festival in August, I suspect you'll never hear about how good that was and why I think small festivals are the way forward.